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  • Category iPhone App
  • Client David Charles
  • Start Date February, 2023
  • Handover March, 2023

Master Your Day with Ease: Elevate Productivity with TaskUp

TaskUp iOS app serves as a productivity companion, empowering users to seamlessly arrange and monitor their tasks and obligations. Featuring an instinctive and user-centric interface, the app enables effortless task creation, modification, organization, and prioritization, all hinged on the tasks' significance and deadlines.

  • + SwiftUI
  • + MVVM
  • + CoreData
TaskUP Banner Portfolio Image

Visual Typography

Introducing the TaskUp iOS app logo, where visual typography meets functionality. This logo encapsulates the essence of productivity and efficiency, reflecting the app's commitment to helping users manage tasks seamlessly.

TaskUP Font Style
  • regular This is text message
  • Medium Medium typography
  • SemiBold Just Amazing
  • Blod Awesome
TaskUP pending tasks list Image TaskUP done task Image

Discover taskUP, your ultimate seamless time management companion on iOS. Effortlessly organize tasks, boost productivity, and reclaim control over your schedule. Elevate your efficiency with taskUP.